Licensed Security Company list

The link below takes you to the current list of licensed security companies in Cyprus. 

Ensure you ask anyone coming to your home to quote you for a security system to show you an up to date company licence and also a current licence for the person themselves.
The licences are written in Greek but the valid dates are numbers.
A company licence lasts for one year and an indivdual licence lasts for 5 years.
An indivdual licence may be valid but the company licence may not. They both must be in date to be legal.
Please check the dates on the licence to ensure the company and the individual is operating legally.
The person coming to your home should also be wearing an ID badge showing their photograph and the name of the company they work for.
If you have any concerns about the legallity of a company or individual please contact the police security office in Nicosia on 22808022.

Click here for list of licensed security companies

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