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Lock Snap Safe Locks

Lock snapping is a growing problem in Paphos.


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Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders are an affordable security solution that allows customers to use existing coxial cable infrastructure while providing an HDMI & VGA output for full HD display.

Hikvision NVRs

The highest in security and reliability. Up to 100 times less interference than 433mhz systems. Enriched with Smart technologies – such as Smart Codec, Smart Detection and Smart Control.

Network IP Cameras

Network IP Cameras have revolutionised the CCTV Industry, thanks to their increased megapixel resolutions, simple installation and flexibility. ezCCTV provide every type of Network IP Camera needed.

4-Line IP Cameras

Smart is the latest concept which aims to bring video surveillance into every aspects of professional, intelligent, efficient, and convenient surveillance.

SD CCTV system

SD CCTV system 700TVL and Sony Chipset. Coomatec DVRCam is the first CCTV camera which include all-in-one security system.

Lock Snap Safe Locks

Lock snapping is a growing problem in Paphos.