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We have over 30 years combined experience of security and can help you with the supply, service or advice on any of the following fields:

  • CCTV & Wireless alarms – Burglar alarms to detect and alert of potential intrusion are our specialty. Intrusion detection is a mainstay of professionally installed security systems
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring with immediate contact and attendance to any alarm activation at your home or business premises.
  • Anti Snap locks – The fitting of anti snap locks with deter and prevent access to your home by criminals using the snap locking entry method (See the demonstration video on you tube)
  • Window and door security: We offer a range of decorative window guards for fitting to vulnerable windows in your home as well as doors which allow you both security and the ability to leave windows open and secure. They come with or without fly screens fitted.

Why Are We The Best?

Protecting your home, business and personnel property is our speciality.
We know how a thief or burglar goes about their business and we specialise and take great pleasure in deterring, detecting and preventing them from targeting your home.
We will provide and install top quality systems designed to suit just about every situation and in answer to the needs of your home. We are completely open to requests to provide custom made solutions tailored exactly to what you, the customer requires.
Customer care and after sales service is paramount to us as a company and we will deliver on all we promise.
247 Response

24/7 Response

With our 24/7 response contract we are always available to respond any alarm activation or event in order to protect your property and its contents.

The contract can be cover 365 days of the year or simply a period of time when you are away from your home, perhaps on holiday or business. This removes the burden placed on your friends and neighbours of having to respond to what could potentially be a dangerous situation if your property has been attacked by criminals with the chance that they may well still be in the property.

We can also act as key holders or will meet with your designated key holders at your property. Your alarm doesn’t have to be one of our systems either. Subject to survey and your alarm being suitable we can provide the same level of service that the owners of one of our alarms systems enjoy. Records are kept on a continual basis regarding any alarm events and what actions we take to rectify the issues.

Alarm System

Alarm Systems

Not happy with your alarm or security company? For your alarm system to be effective it needs to be in perfect working order. We would be happy to check your alarm system to make sure to is fully operational and advise you what needs to be done if there are any issues.

Is your alarm system reporting low batteries? Many alarm systems have the ability to report when the batteries are getting low. This usually means that the batteries are beginning to fail and need replacing. It also means that the relevant sensor may no longer be providing a full detection capability from that part of the alarm. We can replace the batteries and fully test your system.

Bought your own system or moving property and need your alarm moving? We can provide an installation only service of your own equipment or if you are moving house we can de-install and re-install your alarm system into your new property.

cctv installation Cyprus

CCTV Installation & Repair

Do you have problems with your CCTV system? We can help. Is your system not working correctly or do you need to make some changes or additions to your CCTV system? We can do this for you. We can provide all types of systems to suit your requirements

Have you got a system that needs installing? If you have an old or new system, maybe one you have brought from the UK? We can help you. We are experienced installers with all the right equipment to install your CCTV system.

What else can be done to enhance your security?

Install an alarm system of good quality. In this business cheap is not good
Upgrade your door locks to genuine Anti Snap locks. (See snap locking video)
Fit Pin locks to windows and patio doors.
Place warning signs on the perimeter of the property showing the premises are protected

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