About Us

Originally founded in 2012, we noticed a gap in the security market in Cyprus for high quality alarm and monitoring services. Having had 30+ years in the alarm and police services behind us, we were far too aware of how the industry in Cyprus was a long way behind what was and is possible in the UK.

24/7 Security was born with the specific aim of closing that gap to give all homeowners in Cyprus a level of security that inspires peace of mind and the comfort that their home and belongings were safe from the opportunistic thief that seem to be growing in Cyprus.

Because of this, over the past 10+ years, 24/7 Security has gone from strength-to-strength. Since our inception, we have grown dramatically and now have in excess of 1000 installed sites, from simple alarm systems, right through to total security solutions, with CCTV, security barriers, high quality snap-safe locks and 24 hour, 7 day a week monitoring services that make our solutions second to none.

Combine this with our newly launched property and asset management services and you have a total solution for everything you need from security to a complete estate management solution, taking all of the stress out of your hands. Whether you have a single property or a substantial estate, 24/7 Security is your one-stop shop for all your property needs.

We have the qualifications and experience to provide you with everything that is required from a security company. There are other companies that give the impression of being suitably qualified and accredited, but make sure you check them carefully and you may see that they are trying to mislead and deceive you. A page full of glowing accreditations is not always what it may seem. We are qualified to do what we say we do and claim nothing more!!

We have the experience and management consultation of a UK police officer with over 30 years of service on the front line of policing in London with over three years of specialist knowledge in directly identifying and dealing with career burglars and their methods of committing crime. You cannot get a qualification or a certificate for that sort of experience. It is knowledge learned over a great deal of time and ensures that we, as a company, can offer you the best approach and solution to help you protect your home.

On top of this, we constantly research the latest and most advanced security technologies to make sure we can offer the best and most cost-effective solutions that keep you and yours safe.



Protecting your home, business, and personal property is our specialty and what we are renowned for within the industry. We take great pride in working with local communities, authorities, and the Police Force to provide you with the utmost security and ‘Peace of Mind’



We know how a thief or burglar goes about their business and we specialize and take great pleasure in deterring, detecting, and preventing them from targeting your home. We work closely with the local authorities and Police Force to be proactive in our approach to security and assisting our clients, ensuring safety and security.


​We will provide and install industry-recognized and approved quality systems designed to suit just about every situation and answer the needs of your home. We are completely open to requests to provide custom-made solutions tailored exactly to what you, the customer, require. Working with leading brands providing you with effective solutions at competitive prices.



​Customer care and after-sales service are paramount to us as a company and we will deliver on all we promise. We provide a full ‘aftersales service’ and work genuinely upon reputation and recognition within the community always assuring you of our attention to your security needs.



  • Licensed by Cyprus Police
  • Full Company Public & Employers Liability Insurance
  • Leading Marketplace Alarm & CCTV Installers for Ajax, Visonic, Jabaltron, HIK Vision & Pro Vision
  • Over 25 Years of Installation & Technical Experience


  • Licensed Security Guards
  • Loss Prevention and Retail Security
  • Private Investigation
  • Close Protection & Corporate Protection
  • Concierge Security
  • Event Security
  • NVQ Spectator Safety Officers
  • Security Industry Authority Licensed Officers in the UK
  • Security Engineer in Electronics with HND Certification by Visonic, Hikvision and other leading Security Equipment Companies
  • Security Alarm Technicians
  • CCTV & Cabling Technicians
  • Surveillance And Anti-Surveillance Trained CCTV Evidence Gathering
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Crime Scene Management & Exhibit Retrieval.
  • Exhibits Officer
  • Family And Victim Liaison Officer