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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Finding the right company to do business with should be a simple process. You should be looking for a few things:

  1. Most importantly, are they licensed in Cyprus by the Cyprus Police (Ask to see the licence relating to the company and the individuals who will be working in your home)
  2. Look for recommendations from friends and relatives who have used companies already as well as check them out via social media
  3. Ask to see examples of installation already completed by alarm companies and ask lots of questions relating to the system you want installed
  4. Are the systems they are selling good quality equipment and not off the shelf cheaper equivalents.

We have the qualifications and experience we need to provide you with everything that is required from a security company. There are other companies that give the impression of plenty of qualifications and accreditations but read them carefully and you will see that they are trying to mislead and deceive you. A page full of glowing accreditations is not always what it may seem. We are qualified to do what we say we do and claim nothing more

We have the experience of a UK police officer with over 30 years service on the front line of policing in London with over three years specialist knowledge in identifying and dealing with career burglars and their methods of committing crime. You cannot get a qualification or a certificate for that sort of experience. It is knowledge learnt over a great deal of time and extremely useful to us as a company trying to help you protect your home.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Protecting your property & goods is our speciality.

Our Philosophy

We understand how a thief or burglar goes about their business and we specialise in deterrents, detection and surveillance of them.

Our Promise

We have systems designed to suit just about every situation and are open to requests to provide custom solutions to suit your needs.

We Deliver What We Promise

Protecting your property & goods is our speciality.

Qualifications & Experience


Surveillance and anti surveillance trained
CCTV evidence gathering
Crime Scene Investigator
Crime scene management and exhibit retrieval.
Exhibits officer.
Family and Victim liason

Andy had a thirty year career as a Police Officer in the UK based in London. Twenty years in uniform and a little over 10 years as a Detective.
Between 1998 and 2000 he served on a dedicated team tasked with identify, locating and arresting serial burglary offenders and organised gangs who were targeting homes across West London. The success of this squad over a 3 year period reduced Burglary in West London by over 70%
This followed with just over five years on the Serious & Organised Crime Group serving with The Flying Squad and the final two years of his service with the Metropolitan Police Homicide Command.

Despite the fact that we are a relevantly new company here in Cyprus, our reputation is quickly growing. This is helped by the fact that we are well known and trusted in the Peyia municipality area due to our close relationship over the last five years as members and strong supporters of the Pegeia Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.
Many people involved in the scheme use us because they know us personally through neighbourhood watch as Andy was one of the founder members of the scheme and only stood down from the management team when we started Twenty4Seven System Ltd.

If you need any more information or a custom tailored quote please contact us.

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